Coaches Info

We recruit coaches who communicate well, are organized and detailed for practice and games, encourage through words and actions, teach to improve sport skills and help athletes understand their life's purpose.

Referee Info

We recruit referees who are able to communicate, teach and enforce rules of the game and understand the appropriate levels of player development.

Mandatory Meeting

***All Coaches and Referees must attend***

August 29, 2020 at 10:00am

Tri-County Baptist Church

West Chester, Ohio 45069

Coaches and Referee Application

Yes No

Male Female

  1. Grades Coach Referee Neither
  2. Men Women
  3. Child's Name Grade I plan to coach my child's team
    Yes No
    Yes No
    Yes No
    Yes No
    Yes No
  4. Yes No

  5. Coaches and Referees MUST attend training. Training will be held on August 29th @ 10:00 AM at Tri-County Baptist Church.

I understand that I may influence a child's spiritual development and those on my team have been place under my guidence. I commit to setting a worthy example for them to folow and one that supports Tri-County Baptist Church. I attest to the truthfulness of the representations I have made, including inofrmation provided in the reponse to questions regarding my criminal history. I authorize Tri-County Baptist Church to verify the above information and waive any right to confidentiality with respect to the information requested. If requested, I will submit my fingerprints for that purpose.