Tri-County Baptist Church - Embracing Gospel Unity


Practices are one day per week, coaches have the liberty to practice upto 90 minutes. All practices take place at Tri-County Baptist Church located at 8195 Beckett Road. You should plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before practice so that your coaches can start and finish on time.

Each week coaches will:

  • Recognize skill levels and teach at appropriate levels for each participant
  • Teach skills through specific drills and organized practices
  • Instill a sense of sportsmanship and a competitive spirit with the right attitude
  • Teach rules of the sport
  • Teach and demonstrate a set of virtues outlined for the season using bible lessons

Practices will begin the week of August 12.

Players and cheerleaders should dress in clothes for physical activity while saving their uniforms to wear on game day.

Game Day

Game days take place at Tri-County Baptist Church. You should plan to arrive 15 minutes before game time.

Each week players are introduced like the pros with music and tunnels to run through as their teams are announced.

Players learn the game with a format designed to influence things such as ball size and game situations.

Games will begin September 15th and will occur each Saturday until the end of the season.

At Home

Free play is an important part of growing, learning and exercise. Your coach can offer tips of things they can work on at home if your player is interested. The emphasis is this should be FUN!

Each week your player will talk about different virtues based upon practical biblical life lessons at practice. Take these as an opportunity to see what they have learned and can apply to life off the field. We want to be supportive in your role as a parent in ministering to your children.

After games the best things to say are that you enjoyed watching them play, you love them and ask them if they had fun.

The experience of watching your son or daughter in a sport will go by quickly. Make sure you take the time to enjoy it and focus on what is important.